Bienvenue à “La Merenda” !


People say lots of things about La Merenda !

  1. That it has no telephone;

  2. So you must go there to make your reservation during opening hours;

  3. That credit cards are not accepted;

  4. That it is small and always full because the regional cuisine is so good;

  5. That you'll sit on small wooden stools close enough to your neighbor to exchange your (good) reactions to the ratatouille or the daube niçoise;

  6. That chef Dominique Le Stanc gave up his two stars in a famous restaurant in order to concentrate on what he loves best, authentic food in the tradition his predecessors, Jean  and Christiane Giusti, followed for thirty years;

  7. That a festival of flavors awaits you.

All this is true!       

La Merenda - Rue Raoul Bosio - 06300 NiceLa_Merenda_Nice_Eng.html