Rue Raoul Bosio 
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Don't just rely on the praise of gourmets but discover for yourself the magic of La Merenda, which begins the moment you open the door.

First, Danielle Le Stanc and Axel will welcome you and advise you from the list of dishes on the

handwritten blackboard. Perhaps a tiny taste of our unique "Stockfish", that will allow you to

check that this niçois dish is to your gourmet taste. Make your choice and your taste buds will

rejoice in a festival of flavors

With passion, skill and the best local products, Dominique Le Stanc brilliantly transforms simple

traditional recipes: tomato tart, stuffed sardines ratatouille, fritters of zucchini flowers, into

little gastronomic miracles.

Bon Appétit !

A flavour festival of “La Merenda” !