A word with Dominique Le Stanc

Why choose to take over this modest restaurant?

For years I worked  in famous gastronomic establishments which in the end require more a gift 

for logistics than for cooking. Here, in my tiny authentic restaurant, I can once again devote

myself to what I care most about, the essence of cuisine: simple dishes made from fresh produce

bought daily at the local markets.!

You cook mostly traditional local dishes. Don't you sometimes feel like experimenting with new


I bought this restaurant from Jean Giusti who was known for years for his typical regional cooking.

This tradition fascinates me and what I want to do is to maintain it by continuing it!

What does the name La Merenda mean ?

In Niçois dialect, it means a delicious morsel...

Trained by such greats chefs as Husser, Haeberlin, Le NôtreSenderens, et Chapel, Dominique Le Stanc abandoned his two Michelin stars, won at the Chantecler restaurant in the Hotel Negresco, and

bought the tiny Merenda in the old Nice, from the Giusti family. 

In his open kitchen, with a small team (Danielle, Axel, Louis) he has, for a dozen years, prepared

with talent and authenticity simple French and Niçois specialities in keeping with the restaurant's

tradition since it opened some thirty years ago. The result is pure magic: delicious and exciting!

La Merenda -  Rue Raoul Bosio - 06000 NiceLa_Merenda_Nice_Eng.html